About Us

Hey there, lovely souls!

We're Greg and Kim Wells, the dynamic duo behind the scenes at "Shakin it to the Moon and Back Crafts & Boutique." 🌟

Four years ago, my passion for fashion took over, and I embarked on this whimsical journey. It all started in my living room, then upgraded to the basement, and now, we've got a fantastic 20 x 24 building that's our creative haven!

At our boutique, we're not just about clothes – we're about embracing your unique style from small to 3XL! From shoes that make you strut to jewelry that sparkles, we've got it all. And, of course, our homemade crafts add that extra touch of magic.

But wait, there's more in store for the future! 🚀 We're dreamers and creators, always bubbling with fresh ideas to make your fashion journey even more fabulous. Because, let's face it, fashion fun knows no bounds!

So, welcome to our cozy corner of the web. We're beyond thrilled to have you join us on this fabulous adventure. Together, let's make every outfit a celebration and every day a runway. Cheers to style, smiles, and a whole lot of moon-shakin' love! 👗💖